August 14-20, 2016   Weird Botany :  Flowers, leaves, seed pods, acorn, and more!  Join fantasty with botanical forms and borosilicate glass for a fun week of exploration and skill building.  Create jewelry elements, both on and off mandrel, blown beads, and implosion pendants.  Explore the beauty of borosilicate glass: the jewel colors, smoky, earthy, rich and luminous.  Leslie will guide students in jewelry design and personal projects.  All Levels.

At Snow Farm, the  New England Craft School,  5 Clary Road, Williamsburg, MA 01096


June 15-21, 2014:  Flameworking Adventure!    Touchstone Center for Crafts,  Farmington , PA.

Join me for a all-inclusive week of flameworking at Touchstone, a wonderful rustic art-camp-for-grownups in the Laurel Highlands of SW Pennsylvania.  Food and lodging available on-site.  Here is the class description:

All Levels

 Beginners will learn to use the torch, and to make and decorate beautiful glass beads from rods of colored and transparent glass.  More advanced students can draw on Leslie’s experience and talents through a series of projects working with various materials such as enamels, frits, metals and silver glass; techniques including encasing, using dichro, and silver glass; building shapes such as discs and hollow beads; and the uses of tools like presses and different kinds of mandrels.  Students will be able to experiment with color, pattern, and stringer control.  Try your hand at off-mandrel sculpture in borosilicate or soft glass.   The goal will be to have fun at the torch while improving your beadmaking skills and helping you find your voice as an artist.  Leslie will work with students on necklace design and their own projects as well. 


Leslie Kaplan teaches glassbeadmaking at her home studio and at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  Private lessons are available.